In order to successfully carry out the Restoration Project, The Soweto Heritage Trust requires core capital funding from corporates and/or CSI funds, in September/October 2008, to raise the required sum of R9 million. The funds are being raised by the Trust itself, without the assistance of professional fund raisers. This will ensure that 100% of all funds raised are used for the direct benefit of Mandela House.

Support is being sought from four contributors, who will contribute R2.25 million each. Two contributors have already signed up (Standard Bank and Anglo American) and two further contributors are still sought.

Contributor benefits

Contributors will be acknowledged in various publications (website, brochure and annual report) for their contributions towards the restoration project. There will also be a permanent plaque in the Visitor Centre listing the contributors. In addition, each contributor will receive a framed hand-printed photograph of Mandela House, with personalized certification, including the contribution category, as well as permanent membership of the “Friends of Mandela House”.

Taxation position

Contributions to the Trust do not qualify for tax-deductibility under section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

Contributions by corporate taxpayers may still be deductible under section 11(a) of the Income Tax Act, as the Trust will be taking steps to ensure that these corporate contributors receive considerable publicity for their involvement. In these cases, VAT will also be added to the contribution required. This should not add to the cost as in most cases the VAT will be reclaimable in whole or in part. For contributions sought from CSI funds, these will be VAT-inclusive.

Action needed

If your organisation would like to reserve a contributor slot, please notify Marius van Blerck, Trustee, at the following email address:

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